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Take I-45 south to Houston. approximately
4 hours
Turn onto I-10 West (toward San Antonio). You'll stay on this road for another 1.5 to 2 hours. approximately
75 miles
At exit 696 in Columbus, turn right (north) onto Business 71. Continue through the stoplight, under the railroad tracks and across the bridge. approximately
3 miles
Turn RIGHT on FM 109. There is a very large tree at this intersection. approximately
2 miles
Turn LEFT onto Brunes Mill Rd. This is a curvy road that you will follow for another 7 miles. The Guesthouse will be on your right side. There is a small graveyard on
your left as you approach it.
7 miles


From Columbus to the Guesthouse This map picks up as you turn onto FM 109. The bottom of the map is where you start.

About 2 miles down FM 109, you'll turn left onto Brunes Mill Road.

Just as you arrive, you may notice a small graveyard on your left.



I-10 would be further down on the map.